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Donation Tracking

Your Eternal Seed

Video Overview Presentation

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Please watch the how to get started video below before you proceed!

You must pay a one-time $10.00 admin website fee to get started. This fee covers the tracking website for your donations.


Please follow the Eternal Seed sign up instructions below.

After you have registered on your sponsor website you can use the methods shown below to pay the $10.00 admin fee listed on your Welcome Page. 






If you don't have any of the above purchasing applications, you can click HERE to order your own crypto card or you can use the method listed below.

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(IMPORTANT) You must complete the form below to get activated. After you complete the form click the (1) SUBMIT button AND THAN click the (2)  BUY BUTTON below. Also, it is important, if you use Paypal please write your name on the Paypal order form if your account has a different name other than your personal name. This is the only way we know who you are to activate your account.

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Do not use this form if you paid the $10.00 activation fee on your personal Your Enteral Seed website already

Thank you, please click the buy button below to pay your activation fee, you will be contacted to let you know when to activate board placement in your account after you join.

$10.00 Admin Website Fee

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If you already registered on your sponsor's website you are done.   Option 2.) If you have not registered return to your sponsors Your Eternal Seed website and register. The name of the person you are to send your donation to will appear on the bottom of the screen, once you have clicked on broad placement. Please call or text them to confirm your donation has been received.

It is not required for you to upgrade to any of the other Your Eternal Seed levels, it is your choice, we only monitor the first six donations to pay for two of your business income opportunities.